Well, that was Fun!

Arts Crawl ~ Papers drying outside Book'em I had a great time demoing at Book'em during Saturday's Eclectic Music Festival and Art Walk. Even though traffic was a little lighter than the regular Arts Crawl crowd (this event was held in the afternoon whereas the Arts Crawl is held in the evening so that might have made a difference), I couldn't be happier with my experience. The new, larger tank was easier for people to see, and, because it takes longer to work in, I was able to answer more questions from people throughout the process and engage with folks more deeply (which is what I love most about doing demos).

Working in the new tank.


Playing in the Tank



As always, I have a few marbled papers and cards for sale during the demo. While I'm always happy to see my pieces going to new homes, one that sold on Saturday was actually a little hard for me to let go of.  It was part of a mini-series I was working on last month that involved cool little spirals.


I was head over heals with the blue in this piece and the "ghosting" around the blue stones. I also really liked the tight, burst-of-colors "rivers." But mostly, I liked that this piece took on a whole new feel when you changed the direction in which it was viewed, like this:

Blue ~ Version 1

I was fortunate to have had the chance to talk about a variety of things with the couple that bought this piece ~ from their son's art experience in school to what they "saw" in pieces as we flipped through my portfolio ~ so while I was sad to see the piece above go, I know it's going to be appreciated and admired as much as it deserves ~ and that makes me very, very happy.

This may just be the last demo I do this year. I have several projects in the works that have been neglected and it's time for me to focus on them again. Demos take three full days away from me. That may not sound like much considering I only do four or five a year but the second half of this year is also filled with travel for me ~ so the combination of the two puts marbling in a tight spot, which is where I don't want it to be!