New Tank For Demo this Weekend

I'm going to be doing another marbling demonstration at Book'em Mysteries during the South Pasadena Eclectic Music Festival and Art Walk on Saturday ~ but there's a twist! I'll be using a new tank ~ a bigger one! [gallery type="rectangular" ids="8249,8250"]

My regular, "big tank" on left and the new "medium tank" on the right. Oh, and I had to make new tools for the new tank too!

Usually I demo in my small 11" x 14" tank (and work in my large 20" x 25" tank), but for this demo, I'll be using a new, medium 15" x 19" tank. While the small tank is great for the tight space I work in at Book'em, and it's perfect for my Experience the Tank class, I wanted to give people a better chance during the demo to actually SEE what is happening in the tank. My demos have a tendency to be well attended which means at times there are people three deep around the tank ~ and even more peering in through the window from the sidewalk outside. I realized with my small tank, it was just too hard to see all the wonderful things that happen while laying down the paint so I decided I needed to go bigger. However, given the limited space at Book'em, it would be impossible to work in my big tank (well, there would be room for my big tank but not for me AND the big tank ~ which poses a slight problem). But, this medium tank is, to quote Goldie Locks, "just right."

So come on down and check out the new tank. I'll also have some new work (full sheets and smaller sheets) and cards for sale.

Marbling Demonstration Saturday, May 4 2 p.m. – 6 p.m. Book ‘em Mysteries Bookstore 1118 Mission Street (next to Mission Wines)

P.S. I have to fess up that I can't stop looking at my new header. I LOVE IT!!! I think it's my favorite thus far. You can check out past headers and let me know if it's #1 on your list too.