I love it when learning turns into discovery which is what always happens when I let go of expectations in the studio. The Foray Series started out with playing with backgrounds and learning how to manipulate the space in the tank to create different shades of the same color. Suddenly I had all these monochromatic papers that, while lovely, felt unfinished. I wanted to add another layer to them but still allow the subtle beauty of the backgrounds to shine. Building upon what I learned in creating the White Space Series and Circle Series, I began to play with dispersants and shapes. After the first few pieces came off the bath, I was stunned at how the shapes appeared to float off the paper. The Foray Series feels like a peek into other worlds ~ worlds that our eyes cannot see and our minds cannot grasp.

The pieces below range in size from 20" x 25" to 40" x 25" x 40" and are on paper.