Believing in the Impossible

Another piece that sold at the Art Walk."Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."~ Lewis Carroll

The first time I read the above quote, I was thrilled beyond belief. I thought to myself, "So I'm NOT the only crazy person on the planet." Because it's true ~ except my six impossible things usually come to me in the late afternoon lull ~ around 3 pm when my brain is no longer capable of working on anything that requires details or grace. It's when I CAN'T focus that the world becomes clear to me. I begin to envision all the wild, nutty things I want from life, no holds barred ~ from hundreds of acres of land in Northern California to retire on to my marbled pieces hanging in museums. And I believe it possible. All of it. I've never let a dream die ~ at least not in the hands of someone else. If I choose to let a dream go because it no longer fits into my lifestyle, that's one thing. But the freedom to believe in the impossible is the fire that fuels my passions, creativity, and explorations. I did not always have this unwavering conviction. Age and experience definitely played a role in its acquisition. But now that I have it, I'm keeping it. 'Cause it is FUN.

(The image above is another great piece I sold at the Art Walk last Saturday ~ and it's going to hang in the living room of the lovely couple that bought it!)