I remember taking walks after sunset down Grand Avenue in St. Paul with my husband. While I enjoyed looking at the beautiful mansions during the day, it was seeing them at night I loved the most: when the houses were shadowed in darkness but rooms inside were lit up and they suddenly became stages. I could see couples enjoying a meal at dinner tables, someone reading a newspaper or book on the couch, families playing board games on the floor, a woman walking across a room. Usually partially blocked by curtains or shades, the stages, and the stories being told on them, offered just glimpses into end-of-the-day life. But it was beautiful. And I liked imagining the rest of the scenes as I made my way down the block.

The Windows Series was born from these memories.

Larger, color-block pieces are marbled wood panel backgrounds that have been overmarbled with "windows" that behave like portals into another world. They allow the viewer to peek behind the curtain and come face-to-face with memory or emotion or experience. 

The smaller pieces with the broken shapes were created with the image of curtains blowing in the wind. Because I marbled the wood panels multiple times and sanded them in between each overmarble, there is a sense of movement on the panel. I then marble (and usually overmarble) broken shapes on top ~ what one might catch a glimpse of as the curtain floats with the wind.

All the pieces are on wood panel and measure between 6" x 6" and 24" x 24."