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Marbling is the centuries-old art form where paint is floated on water, special tools are used to create designs and patterns, and then the image is captured by placing paper (or fabric or wood or other porous materials!) on top of the water where it is immediately transferred and permanently affixed.

You’re probably most familiar with the marbled papers in the end pages of old books. Or maybe you’ve seen marbled patterns on boxes of Kleenex brand tissues. Or perhaps you’ve strolled the streets of Venice or Istanbul and seen shops filled with large sheets of marbled papers ready for your personal use.

Or maybe marbling is new to you all together. If so, you’re in for an amazing ride!

If you’re looking to try something new, play with color and concept, and work hand-in-hand with the elements of surprise, wonder, and awe . . .
then Clouds on Water is for you!


Clouds on Water is a self-paced eCourse consisting of three robust marbling classrooms each with professionally shot, edited, and designed videos, written content, and downloadable materials.

    It is my passion “to bring marbling to the masses” so I set out to create a high-quality learning experience with the depth and breadth of knowledge that only comes with thousands of hours of marbling under one’s belt . . . and boundless enthusiasm for the art form!

    Marbling is incredibly user friendly! No previous painting experience—or any other kind of art experience—is necessary to learn how to do it. All you need is a sense of adventure; a desire to explore color and pattern and design; and a willingness to let go of perfection and embrace purpose. And once you get a few basic technical skills down, there really is no way to fail at it. You’ll be WOWED by the VERY FIRST piece of paper you pull from your marbling tank!

    I would absolutely love to take you on the journey so you can discover the marbler in you.


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