Creating Language


I've been really, really busy in the studio these past few months and have been negligent in keeping my blog (and other social media sites) updated with news. This is not an apology. In fact, I'm very proud of the fact! I'm very protective of my time these days and when my energy feels at its best in the studio, that's where I stay.


But I'm emerging now to share in some of the goodness that has been happening in my world. Over the next few days, I'll share some of the exciting directions I've been exploring.

Today's images are from a little experimenting I was doing with creating backgrounds that I would then marble on. This idea emerged from the mini-residency my friend Liz Kalloch (check out her new website!!) and I did back in August.


She is a BILLION TRILLION times better than I am at making the backgrounds beautiful and interesting ~ but part of collaborating is being able to understand what your partner can and can not do...or needs to be pushed to do. By attempting to make backgrounds myself, I learned so much about the process (and how I can contribute to that process) and can communicate with her in a whole different way. Because that's what collaboration is all about: creating a new artistic language.


Happy Mistake

Believe it or not, these started out as a horrible mistake in the tank ~ wrong colors for an overmarble AND I needed more transparent paint otherwise it looked liked a blooby mess. But this is what I love about marbling: it's so forgiving. A last-minute tweak (tossed in the turquoise) and capturing the image on plain, creamy paper and suddenly I've gone from wrong to oh-so-right!