Marbling on Photographs

Photograph by the talented  Ann Howley .

Photograph by the talented Ann Howley.


Marbling on photographs. Yep. Love it. It's ridiculously fun.

I especially love the one above because of the vibrant, warm colors and how the traditional pattern Bouquet mirrors the shapes of the hot air balloons.

And then there is this one:

Another beautiful photograph by the talented  Ann Howley .

Another beautiful photograph by the talented Ann Howley.


I wanted to replicate the feel of the arctic cold, sparse landscape, and floating ice in this image so I chose to do an Italian Vein in cool colors over the top of it. I think I pulled it off since I feel a chill every time I look at it!

You can learn how to create traditional patterns such as Bouquet (and 15 other traditional patterns!) in my Clouds on Water: Introduction to Paper Marbling eCourse. And if you're up for a marbling adventure, check out my Clouds on Water: Advanced Marbling Techniques eCourse where, among many things, you'll learn about additives (used to create the Italian Vein pattern) and how to marble on photographs and other non-traditional materials.

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Just Now, Come


In the latest issue of Mabel Magazine, my favorite written piece is that by textile artist Amy Meissner where she talks about how living in Alaska influences her creative work. It’s a moving, honest, intimate piece that, even though I’ve never been to Alaska, I connected to instantly. Amy says that Alaskans have a word for newcomers: Cheechako which is derived from the Chinook word “chee,” meaning “just now,” and “chako,” meaning “come.”


Just now, come.


I emailed Amy to let her know how much I enjoyed reading her piece and that Cheekchako, “just now, come” perfectly describes the marbling process. You need to be very present when marbling because it is at the mercy of Mother Nature and slave to randomness. It happens and it happens now. But it is also a very welcoming and forgiving art form. You cannot really fail at it. Show up and it will show up with you.


Just now, come.


This is my new mantra for when I marble. And I will be sharing it with participants in my upcoming Clouds on Water: A Journey into the World of Marbling eCourse.

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In Ebru, this is a traditional pattern called Zebra. It could almost pass as another traditional pattern called Antique. The difference between the two is the size of the Stones thrown on top of the Gelgit. Larger stones make it Zebra. Smaller stones make it Antique.

I teach the history and variations of traditional patterns to my students because I feel when on knows the past ~ when one understands how something got to where it is ~ only then can one bring the story to life.

I'd love to story tell with you. New in-studio classes have just been announced and registration is still open for the Clouds on Water eCourse.

Gratitude Giveaway Winners!


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