My Aunt Martha

In my recent post about my trip to the desert, I mentioned that I rarely title my pieces...and then went on to tell you how I felt compelled to give a title to "Follow the Slot Canyon Home." Well, here's another story about a series I just HAD to name after a wickedly wonderful woman. Aunt Martha #1

My Aunt Martha (technically she was my Great Aunt but you wouldn't dare call her that) was a true matriarch. There was no doubt when you went to her home, she was The Boss: The Boss of everyone (her FIVE adult kids and their families, her husband, her friends, and, I had a suspicion, even Santa Claus) and The Boss of everything (dinner, activities, jokes, drinks, and quite possibly the weather). I was in awe of her. Between the ages of 10 and 12, I got to stay over night with her a few times. Oh, the honor I felt was bestowed upon me when I got to hop up on her over-sized bed and cuddle next to her while she wore her over-sized muumuu patterned with huge tropical flowers. How lucky was I?!

She was a woman who was very particular about her perfume, the car she drove, and the colors in her house. She died a decade ago ~ and it's been at least 20 years since I was last in her home ~ but when I close my eyes, I can put myself back in her living room surrounded by the colors in these marbled pieces. The white couch was accented by turquoise and peach-pink pillows, a black crocheted blanket thrown over one arm. To the right, above the cocktail hutch (yes, a cocktail hutch!) was a large painting with a little Native American girl in it ~ yellows, tans, black, baby blue all around her.

Aunt Martha #2

When I pulled this paper from the bath, memories of my Aunt Martha washed over me ~ her contiguous laugh, her hugs that trapped my face in her buxom bosom, the confidence she held in every ounce of her body. There was no doubt, as I looked at the paper drying on the line, that I was going to claim it for her.

Everyone has a place in their home that needs a little burst of COLOR, a little ACTION to cheer up an otherwise dull spot. These are just the pieces to do that. There used to be three in this series, but one sold at the Peach Tree Holiday Show ~ and I truly believe my Aunt Martha is out there somewhere loving the idea of commanding a spot in someone's home.

Aunt Martha #1 and Aunt Martha #2 is available for purchase here.