Timing is Everything

Ann and me outside Peach Tree Gallery. I am not the best photographer in the world but sometimes I manage to capture a moment. And this is one of those times.

This is one of my favorite pictures of last year. It was taken on the sidewalk outside Peach Tree Gallery during the Holiday Show. There is nothing significant about the surroundings in this photo at all. Had I been thinking or planning ahead, I should have taken it inside the gallery so our artwork would be in the background. But this is what I mean about capturing a moment ~ if I had done that, if I had moved us into the gallery to make the shot "perfect," I would have missed capturing what I was feeling at that very second and what I can totally see in my eyes and my smile ~ which is nothing short of pure happiness.

I was so, so happy to  be there with my friend Ann. I was so happy to be at Peach Tree. I was so happy to have two of my favorite pieces hanging in the holiday show. And I was so happy to have just returned (two days prior!) from a nearly three-week trip to Tasmania with my hubby. At that moment, that wave of happiness was washing over me and I grabbed Ann; said, "Smile!" and clicked.

2012 was another amazing year for me. I could list all the spectacular highlights but I'm not a big reflector. At least not in that way. So I'll just leave it at that ~ 2012 ROCKED ~ and you'll have to take my word for it.

Wishing everyone exactly what they want for 2013!

Bruny Island, Tasmania.