Thank you, South Pasadena!

South Pasadena Arts Crawl It's Sunday, late afternoon, and I am sitting in front of a glowing fire in my fireplace, enjoying a nice glass of red wine, recovering from my most extraordinary experience at the South Pasadena Arts Crawl Saturday night.

What an evening. Chilly and wet…perfect for marbling, bad for an Arts Crawl. And yet, Book'em Mysteries Bookstore, who was hosting me, was PACKED. Emmett estimated more than 100 people came through the door, attracted by the "artist in the window" (that’s me, the blur in the gray top in the photo above)! I marbled for four hours straight, sharing the history, the technical aspects, and the pure joy of marbling the entire time. At one point, there were so many people inside the store, people went OUTSIDE and stood in the cold to watch me marble through the window. It was INSANE!!

Inside during Demo

First demo audience

I was so happy that people were fascinated by the art many great questions were asked, so many “oohs and awes,” and I even got a “that’s tight” from a hipster, 20-something male totally blown away when I pulled a piece from the bath. My goal to “bring marbling to the masses” was far exceeded.

Thank you, South Pasadena residents, for coming out (especially considering the "bad" weather) to show your support for local artists and businesses. And for loving the art of marbling as much as I do!

From the sidewalk