41 for 41: Progress Report

Gift to Mary Here is a quick update on some of my 41 for 41 goals:

Go on a trip to either the Oregon coast or Nova Scotia: I can't decide!!! I'm stuck. Any advice?!

Go on a meteor trip: According to the research I've done, the best meteor shower to behold will be in mid-December when Geminids hits the sky and hits it hard. It's on my calendar.

Take a fabric marbling class: A few options here that I'm working on. If all works out, I'll be taking a group class at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts as soon as the end of March. Plan B is a private class mid-year. The third option is to teach myself...but I prefer the experience of a classroom and the tailored communication of an instructor. In other words, a human picks up on subtle cues such as the funny look on my face that says, "Wait, what the heck am I doing?! I'm not getting it!!" and walks me through it. A book just stares back at me (and I get a funny feeling that it's mocking me too!)

Another girls’ getaway with Nan, Steph, and Heidi: Look out, Orcas Island, HERE WE COME!!! No, seriously...you better start preparing yourself, residents of the San Juan Island. Especially the ice cream shops. My girls are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the frozen treat...just ask Portland, Maine and Asheville, NC and Santa Fe, New Mexico!

Sailing the British Virgin Islands with Mom: Only a few weeks away! Working on my packing list right now--swim suit, swim suit, water sandals, swim suit, PJs, hat, swim suit, toothbrush... I mean, really, we're on a boat for seven days. I don't think I'll need much more than that. I do, however, need to get some coral-reef-friendly sunscreen as studies have shown regular sunscreens containing certain chemicals are causing "coral bleaching" and killing them off. These chemicals are bad for us too so there's no better time for me to invest in a better sunscreen for me and the planet!

Find a recipe for bread that you want to make over and over again: Tricky one. I've managed to find TWO recipes that I DON'T want to make ever again! I also have two that I really like, one for cornbread and one for herb bread, but they aren't the type of bread that I'm looking to conquer. I want something like La Brea's 12-grain bread, which can hold up to a hearty pasta meal or does justice to my awesome spreads like artichoke tapanade or roasted red pepper dip. I also would KILL to make the rustic bread that comes from the ovens of Fiore Market Cafe in South Pas. Oh. My. Lord. It is the bomb...the thin, crunchy crust and the silky soft inside. HEAVEN. I just learned they offer bread making classes so I may have to sign up for one!

Commit to a regular exercise routine: No, this is not a New Year's resolution. Nor is it about weight loss. But it is about a healthy lifestyle. My mom made tremendous recoveries BOTH times from her cancer battles and my sister-in-law has recovered remarkably from her stroke. I firmly believe this had less to do with their doctors and everything to do with the fact that they were incredibly healthy BEFORE their medical problems happened. Both of these women exercise daily (yoga, running, biking are amongst their favorite activities), eat well (one is vegan and the other a part-time vegetarian), and drink wine.  I've long had the last two things covered, but I've never been a fan of exercising. I love to hike, swim, surf, kayak, and go on long walks with my hubby...but don't call it exercise or I'll never do it again. Time to change that mindset. "To exercise!" is my daily Happy Hour toast. (Hey, it's a start!) Actually, I've been taking a daily walk (between 1.5 and 4 miles through the hills in my neighborhood) and doing a core-strengthening exercise routine three times a week. I'd like to add a weekly 5-10 mile weekend hike at some point.

No TV for the month of February: For the record, Emmett and I not TV people in general. We don't have cable (not even the basic package). Our TV is analog (rabbit ears!) and only something like 32" wide. It's tucked away in the corner of our bedroom. We usually only watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Sarah Conner Chronicles on DVD but do take in regular programing like Modern Family, New Girl, and the late-evening news. So it was kind of a surprise to me to find that giving up TV actually has had a positive and rewarding impact on my evenings. They are much quieter, I'm reading A LOT more, and the "pillow talk" with Emmett is more fun and interesting. I actually LOOK FORWARD to snubbing my nose at the screen each evening.

Kayak Elkhorn Slough: Tentatively scheduled for end of April.

Visit Faraollon Islands: Tentatively scheduled for June.

Hike Point Lobos State Reserve: Tentatively scheduled for beginning of May.

Do a Delta River tour: Tentatively scheduled for July.

I've learned two things so far from the 41 for 41 experience: it doesn't take much to make things happen (pick a goal and do it!) and it's addicting. Very addicting. Sometimes I find myself with a little breathing time and rather than just chill, I get anxious and I'm all, "Oooohhh, where's my 41 for 41 list? What's on there that I can be working on?!!" Not sure if that's good or not but since my family hasn't staged an intervention yet, I figure I'm okay. Until then, I'll just keep on pursuing...