And Then There Was Light

Four days after a wind storm ripped through the area and took out power lines, we finally have electricity today. I don't get it. I've been in countless blizzards and snow storms in the 32 years I lived in Minnesota, even stared down a tornado one summer evening, and we never lost power for more than one or two days. In fact, it was usually only one or two HOURS we might be without power, IF AT ALL. A little wind comes through LA and they can't get the power back on for four days even though it's sunny, blue skies, and mid-60s. What am I missing here?

LA, I love you and all, but seriously, you are messed up. Good thing you have mountains, ocean, year-round fresh produce, and mostly sunny skies or I'd be outta here.

More on the WONDERFUL Holiday Show tomorrow...I'm a little busy right now trying to figure out what spoiled in our fridge and freezer.