Magnificant Journals (if I do say so myself)

Here's a little look at some of the journals I'll have at the Peach Tree Holiday Show this weekend (Saturday and Sunday, noon to 5 p.m.). I've previously featured some of my journals with canvas covers, which are so much fun to hold (not to mention write or draw in!). Below are journals with hard covers and Coptic binding as well as soft covers with long-stitch binding. In all cases, my journals feature marbled covers with marbled signature wraps inside. I don't always toot my own horn but boy-oh-boy do these journals look beautiful inside and out! I'm in love with all of them and may have a hard time letting them go this weekend.

Here's a look at the outside of a soft-cover, long-stitch journal:


And here's a look inside the same journal where you can see the "signature wraps" (the decorative paper that goes around the sections of the blank paper in a book).

Here's another example of a long-stitch, soft-cover journal:

Brown Journal Collage

And here are a few examples of the hard-cover, Coptic-bound journals:

Coptic Binding

Coptic Binding

These and many more will be for sale at the Holiday Show. I'll be there both days and hope to see you there!

Peach Tree Pottery Gallery Holiday Show December 3 and 4 noon - 5 p.m.

3795 Boise Avenue Mar Vista, CA 90066 (3 blocks west of Centinela, off Venice)