Please Hold While Computer Dude Works His Magic

Sorry for the communication black hole. My computer's hard drive has either blown up or been destroyed by a virus. In either case, Computer Dude (recommended by my neighbor after he worked miracles on her computer) is trying to get my files off it. Unfortunately, I didn't back up my system before I left for Point Reyes last week (thought about it and then totally forgot to do it until I was three hours away from San Fran) and I may have lost everything since my last back up in January. Yes, January. Shame on me. Surprisingly, I'm not too stressed about it. I'm most bummed that I may have lost the photos from my Minnesota trip and the entire veganic garden process. Other than that, the few essays I managed to squeeze out these past few months, I can re-write. They are just words and I've got lots of them floating around in my head so I can easily put fingers to keyboard and have at it again. But the photos...ugh. That's another story. I refuse to experience another Minnesota winter just to snap a few good shots of a red cardinal outside my bedroom window. Oh well. I have a great update ready to go on the last few steps of the veganic garden but I want to hold off posting it in case Computer Dude can get my photos back for it. Trust me, it will make for a much more interesting story with photos. I also have a some great recipes to post (again, waiting to see if the photos for them can be saved) and a wonderful write up on my trip to Point Reyes with my friend, Stephanie.

So please be patient. I'll probably post the write up on Point Reyes in the next day or two and if Computer Dude hasn't been able to restore my system by the end of the week, I'll put up the veganic gardening update followed by the recipes shortly thereafter.

In the meantime, go back up your computer. Right. Now.