Things I Love: The Wine Pour

The Wine Pour I love it when my hubby pours a glass of wine for me, specifically when we’re eating dinner and I have just a sip or two left in my glass. It feels like I’m being given a gift, as opposed to the feeling of gluttony when I pour my own glass or the feeling of begging if he were to ask me if I wanted more. I’ve had this happen to me only once (maybe twice) at a restaurant too, where a particularly good server beat both Emmett and me to the punch and had our glasses of wine in a constant state of occupied.

Emmett is really good about doing this when we have guests over as well. He rarely asks them if they want another drink, whatever that drink may be. He just grabs their near-empty glass and returns it to them full. Many times, our guests don’t even realize what went down until they grab for their drink and express delight when they discover its new heft. And I know exactly how they feel—special.