Okay...So Winter Can Also Be Fun to Play In

As I said in my last post, I'm finding ways to enjoy winter now that I have a certain amount of freedom from it. Below are just a few pics from the Winter Play Time Activities I've participated in over the past five weeks.

Walking on Eagle Lake with DadWalking on Eagle Lake. And while I can rationalize in my head that it's perfectly safe to walk on the lake in winter, with the it being frozen solid for more than three months and with all the trucks still parked next to fish houses, there's always that nagging "don't push your luck with Mother Nature" thought that runs through my head. I'm just sayin'...

Feeding the birds up NorthRefilling the bird feeders at my aunt's house in Bemidji, Minn. It was -20 degrees but the sun was out and the birds were hungry and it just felt great to be out there (in appropriate attire, of course).

Aitkin CabinGirls' weekend up north at the "cabin" with Nan (who's taking the photo), Stephie, and Heidi. Eating, drinking, cross-country skiing, going for walks, eating, movie, eating, talking, eating, drinking...

Ice FishingChecking out the ice-fishing house. Walking out to Nan's dad's ice-fishing house on Farm Island Lake.

Cross Country SkiingCross-country skiing with Stephie and Nan on a "warm" Sunday afternoon. And hitting up the Maple Grove Tavern for pull tabs, fries, and beers afterwords!

ShovelingShoveling with Mom. Done it twice now with her. I'm not sure what's more impressive... that she shovels while going through chemo or that I shovel, period.