Okay...So Winter CAN Be Pretty

Most people know what a HUGE fan I am of Southern California, especially when it comes to all things outdoors. I've always loved my daily walks around my neighborhood or down to the Farmers' Market or library. I miss them immensely now that I've been cooped up inside hiding from the Minnesota winter. But then I realized I have something good going on here...I can enjoy BEING in winter without having to deal with all the crap that comes with LIVING in winter (like dealing with ice dams on your roof, having to shovel yourself out of your driveway 20 times a month, lugging shoes in your purse to change into once you get to work after walking in boots to the bus stop, winterizing the lawn mower and outdoor plumbing and everything else, etc.). So I decided to stop my cowering, "buck up" (as my neighbor, Raynee, likes to say), throw on some gloves and boots and a big, green parka, head out into the cold, and snap a few shots of winter's beauty...'cause winter really is pretty when you can sit back and not care about your pipes freezing.

Bird's Nest

Cat Tails

Bird Tracks

Bridge between Eagle and Pike Lakes


Snowmobile Tracks on Eagle Lake