Alternative Marbling Class with Elin Noble

Wanted to share with you some photos from the class "Alternative Marbling: Building a Personal Methodology and Vocabulary" that I took with the fabulous fabric artist Elin Noble. We marbled mostly on methyl cellulose (a first for me!) and used a variety of dispersants to create some really funky and fun effects. It was a week-long intensive where we got to experiment and play in the tank...and I'm thrilled with the results! I still prefer to use carageenan as my bath for all of my fine-art marbling, especially on paper and wood. Carrageenan gives you those crisp, clean lines that make marbling so wonderfully beautiful (and stunning). The edges on a methyl cellulose (MC) bath are a little more fuzzy. But MC is perfectly fine for most fabric projects since the fabric's weave tends to be larger than paper, making crisp lines appear fuzzy anyway. The other advantage to MC is that once it is made, it lasts up to four months, compared to just the four- to seven-day lifespan of carageenan. So I will now have MC on hand for those spur-of-the-moment marbling itches!

My Classmates!


Me working in the extra-large tank for fabric yards!

Some of my work from the first few days.