And then there were Two

Large and small coin purses made with marbled fabric by Barb Skoog. The photo above is the new line of large and small coin purses made by the fashion designer Jeanie Joe using my marbled fabric. I posted it to my Facebook page last week and within an hour, I had sold three of the five in the picture above plus one I had not even photographed yet. You have no idea how happy I was to send them off to new homes where I know they are going to be loved as much as I love them. One person said it was the perfect "pickle purse ~ you know, for band-aids, ibuprofen, things you need when you're in a pickle." That is awesome.

While the talented Jeanie Joe is making more, I have added the last two large coin purses to my shop.


  • $35 + shipping (and tax where applicable)
  • Each coin purse is one-of-a-kind, made with high-quality materials, and washable.
  • Large coin purses measure 5" long at the base, tapering to 4" at the top. They are just over an inch wide and about 3.5" tall. Credit cards fit comfortably in them. And, as noted above, they are the perfect "pickle purse."
  • The black coin purse has a silver clasp.
  • The earth-tone coin purse has a brushed bronze clasp.

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