Flower Love!

IMG_0260 These are three pieces I am so in love with. Yes, I will admit to loving my own work. I can't help it. They were fun to make and the results surpassed my expectations. Marbling on wood presents all sorts of problems but these three were destined to be awesome ~ they didn't cause me any trouble (maybe that's why I love them so).


The vintage images are of flowers and came from an old gardening book. I added them to the wood panels and then marbled over it all, choosing colors that pulled the images out so they didn't get lost behind the marbling. The pieces measure 6" x 8" and have an extra deep 2" profile that is painted white.


I think it all came together nicely ~ so much so I'm working on another series BUT WITH A TWIST!!! Stay tuned to see what comes next!!

If you are interested in purchasing these, they will be available at the Santa Barbara Holiday Open House for $55 each. If you can't make it there but want one, email me (Cheers "at" BarbSkoog "dot" com) and I'll set it aside for you to pick up or I can ship it to you (shipping costs apply).