Not for Everyone

The Stars Are In Me. When I first pulled this piece from the bath, I immediately thought, "Overmarble!" Even a few days later when I looked at it again I didn't think I would keep it in its original form. But as this piece sat on my workspace in my inside studio, I suddenly fell in love with it. And not a passive kind of love. I mean that when I looked at it I wanted to DIVE into the piece. I wanted to become physical with it and the experience of it. I wanted to dance with it, to make it dinner while sharing a bottle of wine, to sing at the top of my lungs with it, to take it for a run up and down the hills in my neighborhood. I wanted to sit outside, in the dark, under a full moon, and coyote-howl with it.

This is a wild piece. I know. It's not for everyone. In fact, it's probably not for anyone. It's messy. It's disorganized. It's hectic. There's no real focus to the piece...where are my eyes supposed to go? There is little sense of satisfaction when you look at it. And yet I'm in a state of rapture when with it. It makes me want to move. It makes me want to BE. Perhaps that's the true beauty of the piece. It's not what's on the surface ~ it's not that which can be mirrored back. The beauty is found behind a secret door ~ a door I sought out, maybe even created, and then stepped through.

Much like my life.

The energy that created stars moves through me too. Every day. ~ Sue Krebs / Soul Speaking