I have been given the wonderful opportunity to participate in a retreat up in Big Sur on the grounds of the amazing Esalen Institute. Esalen is a special place, one of learning, discovery, and growth for the body, mind, and spirit--all on 120 acres perched above the ocean, with natural hot springs, and with a kitchen that serves what it grows on site. Right. Up. My. Alley.

The retreat I'm attending, A Gathering of Beacons & Luminaries, is hosted by the newly founded organization called Matrilumina. The fact that I know one of its founders, Christine Mason Miller, is a gift in and of itself but to be able to spend a week immersed in the glow of her wisdom, encouragement, strength, and grace...well, that's just taking things to a whole other level. Add to that the talent and beauty of the 18 other women I'll be with and you've got a recipe for one hella experience.

This retreat couldn't come at a better time for me. I just wrapped up a great series of classes, I'm coming off an extraordinary month of marbling, and I've started to put some serious energy into making a couple of my Big Dreams come to life. I'm in a great place, mentally and emotionally, to receive as well as to give. And, I am holding no expectations for next six days...I trust the magic of Big Sur, I believe in myself, and I have faith in the founders of Matrilumina.

Sometimes I stand in awe at what has come my way this past year. And by that I mean the people I've been meeting and connecting with, the doors that have been opening, the paths that I've been able to walk down, and the leaps of faith I've been able to make. It seems as if my mantra to BE OPEN has, quite literally, opened up the world and all its possibilities to me. And along the way, I keep saying YES.

It's proven to be a powerful combination.