Ang Lee does "Life of Pi"

When I found out that Ang Lee was directing Life of Pi, I nearly cried (I'm not exaggerating either). I cannot think of a better director to take this beautiful book to the big screen (if you have not read the book yet, you are missing out on some damn fine writing). I generally avoid any "based on the novel" films, especially ones of books I truly admire. Had anyone else been tapped to do this movie, I would not even consider going to see it. But Ang Lee. Oh, Ang Lee. You will do this novel justice. I've been watching the trailer over and over all weekend--it's a visual feast that leaves my heart racing (so does the movie's official website). If just two-minute clips of this film can captivate me so, imagine what's going to happen to me when I see it in its entirety in the theatre. November 21 can not come soon enough.