Blowin' in the Wind

It's funny how my marbled pieces take on a life of their own with the lightest shift in the wind. July's header I actually created a few months ago thinking that it would be great for summer months because it had a water feel to it (the colors, the circles that looked like waves). But every time I went to change the header, it never felt like it was the "right" time to feature it. And then when I looked at it again the other day, I realized July is the perfect month for it. Why? Because it now looks and feels like fireworks in the sky to me!!

Here's the full piece the header came from:

July Header Full Sheet

Last month, I posted a piece of mine and asked folks to let me know that they "saw" in it. As each response came in, I felt like I was being given a gift; my little piece was no longer just a single sheet of paper with paint on it. Instead, it was a million sheets, each with their own unique story as told through the eye of the beholder.

Like I said, the wind blows...