Tell Me What You See

Circle Scallop This is from a marbling session a couple of days ago. I hate the actual paper itself--it is a bear to work with--and was just messing around in the tank in order to use up the few pieces I had left. As is usually the case, a few days after I made this, I found it more appealing than when I first pulled it off the tank. And now I can't take my eyes off it. The circles in the middle fade in and out depending on the light. I walk with it from room to room just to watch it transform before my eyes.

One of the greatest pleasures I derive from being a marbling artist is hearing what people "see" in my pieces. It is better (and more telling probably) than the standard Rorschach test. It is for this very reason I rarely title my pieces...I don't want to influence/infect what is going on in the mind of the viewer.

So, dear Readers, if you have a moment, please humor me by letting me know what you see in this piece (or what feelings/emotions it conjures up).

I promise not to judge (but I can't rule out a raised eyebrow!).