Experience the Tank: Three Hours of Nonstop Fun!

Experience the Tank class papers This weekend rocked. I cannot even begin to tell you what a thrill it was to teach my "Experience the Tank" class. The three-hour session is designed to expose people to the joys of marbling by learning a few patterns and then simply having a go at it in the tank. The participants in this weekend's class were wonderful! Beyond wonderful, actually! Annika, Steve, and Lori bravely stepped up to the tank and went for it. The result was beautiful.

Lori's first marbled piece!

Steve at the Big Tank

Annika doing a gel-git in her tank.

I was so impressed by everyone's go-for-it attitude. I didn't hear anyone once complain about doing something "bad" or "wrong" (no such thing in my studio!). No one got frustrated and left feeling like they just couldn't get the marbling thing down. In fact, everyone wants to do it again!

Lori at her tank

Fabric marbilng

Disecting our work

Truth be told, I see myself less as a teacher and more of a "marbling messenger" with the goal of bringing marbling to the masses. I certainly don't expect people to quit their day jobs and become full-time marbling artists after taking my class. But I do hope participants walk away with a huge appreciation for the art form and a boost of confidence in their creativity. In return, I am inspired by what happens in the studio during these sessions. I get to see marbling fresh through the eyes of newbies (as I once was!) and it always sends me down a new path of color and technique explorations.

Steve and his papers

I will be doing a few more Experience the Tank classes this summer and early fall. If you're interested in taking the class, please email me at Cheers at BarbSkoog dot com and I'll put you on the notification list.

A big thanks to Steve, Annika, and Lori for trusting me to show them the thrill of marbling and for being such creative souls in the studio. And an even bigger thanks to Emmett...for everything behind the scenes and behind the lens (as the official class photographer)!