Hello, Spring!

My new header this month is in honor of the spring weather we're having here in LA. Rain, cool temps, sun, warm temps, rain, cool temps, sun, warm temps, rinse and repeat. Crocuses and tulips are already gone. Azaleas are on their way out. But my garden is starting to FINALLY burst. After a tough winter with failed crop after failed crop (come on, broccoli...why you gots to be so mean to me?!!), I'm counting on summer to bring me my beloved kale, scallions, beets, Kentucky wonder beans, tomatoes, and more. I'm sort of cheating here as the header comes from this piece, which was featured on my blog earlier this year. I'm not a good flower maker when it comes to marbling. Actually, I'm a horrible one. Catastrophic is probably a better word. You really should check out the work of this AMAZING marbling artist, Gafur Yakar. Dude does flowers like nobody's business.

Seriously, how insanely spectacular are these? Even the backgrounds are drop-dead gorgeous.