The Finished Goods: Not a lot of need for words here. The photos speak for themselves!

Pat and Bob in front of our display. Our display table at the closing ceremony.

Bunny's works of art.

Gwen's works of art.

Trish and Lynn's works of art.

More canvas art!

Close up of Lynn's canvas art

Gina's finished books.

My finished work.

Pat's works of art.

And now for a few close-ups of my finished books:

My favorite piece: the secret spine book.

Secret spine book...the secret revealed.

Kimono Dressed Book

Accordion fold with concertina

Another one of my favorite books: the longstitch

My finished books.

Red paper marbled

So that's that. Pretty impressive body of work, eh?! Everyone was so creative, talented, and enthusiastic. The room was bursting at the seams with excitement and fun. I really wished all of us lived closer to one another so we could do another round of marbling and bookmaking together. Perhaps a reunion down the road someday...

Tomorrow I'll post photos from around the school grounds, my cabin and the woods around it, Gwen's Friday night gig, and other miscellaneous shots.