Things I love: Over the Moon

2011 Lunar Calendar I'm still a paper calendar person, not just because I don't lug around a Crackberry or iPhone but because it's easier for me to see the big picture of my year (and therefore my life) when I am able to flip through the days/weeks/months and read my scrawled notes, jotted down appointments, and daily to-do lists. For the past two years, I've ordered a personalized day planner from Snapfish. What I liked about them were two things: 1) I could include a photo and a heading on the cover and 2) on the inside cover, there was a place to write a dedication (or whatever copy you wanted to put there). It seemed very personal--very purposeful, in fact--and I couldn't imagine living the year any other way.

My daily planners from Snapfish

I can't remember where I first heard about the Heller Communication's Lunar Calendar (or how I ended up on Felt & Wire looking for it) but somehow, somewhere I did. I've recently become interested in following the phases of the moon (as well as a general fascination with the nighttime...from nocturnal creatures to meteor showers) so when I saw the detail included in this daily calendar, I just had to have it.

Inside Lunar Calendar

Inside Lunar Calendar

Being more attentive to the earth's rotation, to the moon's phases, to astrological signs, and to Mercury Retrograde also feels very personal and very purposeful. Whether you believe in the power of nature or not, this calendar, at the very least, reinforces the thought that all living things are connected to each other.

I am so looking forward to a year of lunar journeys.