Another Round of Flower Photos

Barb loves yellow tulips On the way to Fremantle, Emmett and I stopped off at the Araluen Botanic Park. Have I mentioned that it was wildflower season in Western Australia? Yeah, I thought I have. Well, at Araluen, the tulips (and other spring flowers) were out EN MASSE. Simply stated, it was eye candy. The park is a lovely mix of babbling brooks, manicured gardens, trails through lush woodlands, and open green space. It was an afternoon of delight (but not really in that Starland Vocal Band kind of way...Lori, that's for you!)

I'll let the photos speak for themselves. I dedicate the photo slideshow to Heidi, who is a sucker for not only spring blooms and botanic gardens, but specifically tulips. "Heidi would love this," was a constant comment throughout the day.

(To manually advance the slideshow, hover over the photo and a box will pop up. Click on the square button in the middle and the slideshow will stop automatically advancing. Then click on the arrow buttons to move forward or backward at your own pace.)