Sorting through the Australia Photos

Drinks at Encounter I am having a really hard time narrowing down the gazillion or so photos we took while traveling around Western Australia (W.A.). I really, really want to show off the beauty and spectacularness (yes, I just made up that word) of the place while at the same time take people along for the actual adventures. It's the difference between just posting a few photos of me kayaking and posting photos of me kayaking as well as the island we kayaked around, the flora and fauna we saw, and the people we met while kayaking. You see my dilemma? Fifty photos vs. 250 photos. EACH DAY WE WERE THERE!

On the plane.

I've sort of surrendered to the fact that if I don't just start posting photos, I'll never get it done. So over the next week, I'll be posting photos in no particular organized fashion. Maybe I'll post by activity (aforementioned kayak trip). Maybe I'll post by day or several days or geographic location (Perth, Margaret River). Maybe I'll post by subject (wildflowers, art, food). I don't know. I'm just gonna post and hope you enjoy the ride.

Finally made it to Sydney

Layover Nourishment

Como Beach in Perth

Como Beach Jetty

Pelican at Como Beach

Parakeets along the Swan Estuary Marine Reserve

Public art in Perth.

Sir James Mitchell Park

Barb in Sir James Mitchell Park

Galah Bird

Flowers in bloom.

Emmett at the Como

Pure Blonde Indulgence