Work in Progress: Moss Beach Collage Book

Inside Cover I’m going to be attending this two-day workshop in a few weeks and will likely be surrounded by 15 professional, semi-professional, or just plain ridiculously talented artists so I thought I better get the creative juices flowing a bit so as not to totally embarrass myself amongst them. I think I still will (embarrass myself, that is), but at least they won’t hear the creaking sound of churning wheels in my brain as I desperately try to keep up with their creative ideas and flow. That sound they hear will just be the howl of frustration that often escapes from my gut when I fall short of my own expectations. And that happens all too often.

Still feeling the love for Moss Beach, I decided to take an old children’s book (the kind with the cardboard-like pages) that I bought used from my library and turn it into an homage to my Thoughtful Travel Adventure. I have the cover, and the first two-page spread done…and I have to admit, I like it. No howling here. Yet.


Front Cover Detail

Page 1

Full Spread