Timber Mountain Hike: Icehouse Saddle via Chapman Trail

Canyon View We've hiked to Icehouse Saddle twice before, making this our third time. This is a big deal to Emmett and me since there are very few trails we hike even twice...only because there are so many trails to hit we just don't have time to do the same trail again, let alone three times! But, this is one of my favorite hikes in in the San Gabriel Mountains so it is well worth it. On this trip, we added an extra .9 mile and 800 feet in elevation gain to "bag" Timber Mountain peak.

Total for the day: 3500' in elevation gain, nearly 9.5 miles of trail, and seven hours of hiking! The altitude totally kicked our butt (mine more than EJD’s!) but we had a blast.

Bend in the Trail

Tiger Whiptail

Canyon View

Wildflowers still in bloom

Timber Mountain Peak

The view from the top