Feb 27th, 8:00 a.m.: Some Final Thoughts on Brisbane Before We Head Out this Morning

Brisbane is like Vancouver with a Southern California attitude, Southern hospitality, and Kauai weather. I like it. Not vegan friendly. Barely vegetarian friendly. That will have to change when we move here.

The birds are incredibly noisy here. They don’t have that nice, delicate chirp like a songbird or the regal cry of a hawk. Nope. They sound like ducks being strangled, a yodeler being strangled, or a monkey being strangled. They are also on a strict schedule, always starting up one minute after dawn and prattling on until one minute before dusk when they suddenly stop, as if someone throws a switch. It’s like clockwork…and it’s pretty impressive. At dusk, bats the size of Texas fly across the city. It’s like the flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz. I kid you not. Surreal. Awesome, but surreal. I loved it.

Geckos! And lots and lots of butterflies.

Brisbanites (Brisbanians?) are kind, patient people. I remember this from the last time we were in Australia so it might not just be in Brisbane. They, like the rest of the country, love their city and love their country, always more than willing to make recommendations on where to visit, where to eat, where to go, and what to see. As a result, the first thing they ask you is, “How long have you been here?” Then, “What have you seen so far?” From there, they rattle off their Top 5 list.

Aussies are not afraid to have a glass of champagne with lunch. Or a bottle of wine. And they always have afternoon tea. Every day. Such a civilized way to live.

Screwtops on wine bottles, even the expensive ones. So convenient.

Speaking of expensive…when did it get that way? $14 for a plate of tortilla chips, beans, and guacamole. $4 for a package of humus. $1.20 to send a postcard to the U.S. plus $1 for the postcard itself. WTH?


Now we’re off to Springbrook (heading South) for four days/three nights in the mountains. We’ll be staying at the Mouse’s House where we’ll be able to step outside our chalet and choose from miles and miles of hiking trails. See you later!