Uppercase Magazine "Inserts"

Last week, I teased you about the special project I was working on by posting a photo of papers I said were marbled backgrounds. The next step was to overmarble those backgrounds and here are some of them drying in the sun:


These little gems are for the next issue of Uppercase Magazine, which is inserting the work of featured artists into it. And while all 4,500 subscribers won’t be getting one of my inserts, a lucky 150 will!


In my case, these aren’t simply “inserts.” Each marbled paper is an original piece of art, signed and numbered. They measure 4″x6″ and are on a lovely, creamy, soft 100% cotton rag paper that I am so in love with. (I don’t know the brand…I got a ton of it on a closeout and sadly I’ll never find it again.)


There’s a part of me that is having a hard time letting go of these beauties. I had a magnificent three days in the studio making them and got sort of attached. But I’m also excited to know that they are going to new homes, especially to those of Uppercase Magazine readers.