The 2015 "Lessons from the Studio" Calendars are Here!

2015 Calendar by Ebru Artist Barb SkoogWell, almost here. I have a copy of my press-check calendar and it looks fantastic! I wasn't going to do a calendar this year (I got so busy with the eCourse filming project) but then as I started looking back through my work and my notes, I got inspired! Wow, I have a lot of great pieces I have yet to share and the calendar is a fun way to do that.

Last year, I had to re-print the calendars two times due to demand. So this year I'm taking a new approach: pre-orders! And at a special price! If you order by Sunday, November 2, you can get my calendar for $16 (+ shipping and tax, where applicable). That's the same price as last year! After November 2, the price goes up to $19 (+ shipping and tax, where applicable).

January from the 2015 "Lessons from the Studio" Calendar by Ebru Artist Barb Skoog

This year's calendar is another great one. I know I say this every year...but I think this one is my best yet. I swoon over each image which is accompanied by words of wisdom and lessons learned from my extensive time in the studio. This calendar is a true reflection of my hands and my heart!

Calendar Details:

  • The month-by-month planning calendar is a compact size (5″ x 11.5″) and is great for kitchens, work spaces, and even for toting around in your purse (which I do all the time).
  • It is spiral bound which makes it easy to lay flat on a desk or hang on a wall.
  • Each month features one of my marbled pieces along with a tidbit of soulful insight or advice I gleaned from my studio experiences.

July from the 2015 "Lessons from the Studio" Calendar by Ebru Artist Barb Skoog

To pre-order at the special price, head on over to my store (if you want to pay by credit card through PayPal) or send an email (if you want to pay by check or cash) to Cheers “at” BarbSkoog “dot” com. Calendars will be mailed out around Thanksgiving time (or sooner if the shipment arrives earlier than that!).

Below are images included in this year’s calendar (the images will not have my website address plastered all over them). To see my “Lessons from the Studio,” you’ll just have to buy it!

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