Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...

I am simply thrilled that friends of mine asked me to be a part of their wedding by marbling their ketubah. But rather than marble the actual document (check out some of the amazing decorated ketubahs), I suggested that I marble a mat which can then be framed. They loved the idea. Thankfully so, too! You only get one ketubah and the thought of messing it up and not being able to fix it was nerve racking. If I screwed up a mat, I could at least go out and get a hundred more to work on. After talking to them about color schemes and art direction (which pieces of mine they liked and wanted me to emulate), I set to work in the studio. I have marbled on mats before but none this large ~ 16" x 20". I was used to marbling on much smaller mats ~ 4" x 6" and 5" x 7". With these smaller mats, there is actually not a lot of space to marble on so the design has to be more simple. But faced with a heck of a lot more surface area on the larger mat, my options were quite endless. Translated, this means I had a TON OF FUN exploring what I could do to give them not just a marbled mat but a really cool piece of art.

Earlier this week, I presented to them six marbled-mat creations and asked them to let me know if the colors were right and if they were liking the designs I was creating. My intention was to then tweak things and do one more round.

Well, they loved what they saw. They loved all six of the mats and didn't want me tweaking anything!

So now the pressure is off me and on them; they have to pick the one mat that they would like to have frame their ketubah. Turns out, this is easier said than done.

After narrowing it down to three, they still can't decide. And this is where I turn to you...

Can you help them out a bit? Which mat do you like best? Let me know by leaving your vote in the comments!


Option A

Marbled photo mat by Barb Skoog.


Option B

Marbled photo mat by Barb Skoog.



Option C

Marbled photo mat by Barb Skoog.

And next week, I'll post the other three that didn't make it to the final round. There's one in there that I am madly in love with!