Pusher Paints: Playing with Space and Confinement

Marbled paper by Barb Skoog I love laying down "pusher paints" (paints that spread like mad on the surface of the bath) last on the bath in order to create really tight veins as seen above. The intense colors created by the veins combined with the billowy-cloud effect of the pusher paints makes a lovely combination.

Here's a close up ~ the pusher paints I used are the white and lighter blue bubbles while the squished colors are red, yellow, black, and dusty blue:

Marbled Paper by Barb Skoog

A similar effect (creating tight rivers of color) can be made by using a dispersant. The technical name for that kind of pattern is Italian Vein. The difference, however, is that when one uses a dispersant, it creates "holes" in the patterns, allowing the surface of the paper to be exposed. By using pusher paints, I can incorporate color into the overall piece while still getting those awesome veins.

Using most of my favorite colors, I made this piece this weekend after a long, six-hour studio session where I was intently focused on finishing a commissioned project. It was just the care-free, colorful relief I needed to get out of my head and into my heart!