New Coin Purses in the Store

Large and small coin purses by marbler Barb Skoog. They're back!

A few more large and small coin purses have been added to my shop. These adorable purses are made by the wonderful fashion accessory designer Jeanie Joe using my hand-marbled fabric. Jeanie is an amazingly talented creator, producing nothing short of high-quality, handmade purses and clutches. And I'm happy to report that customers agree ~ they have been raving about them!

Suggested uses:

  • a “pickle purse ~ you know, for band-aids, ibuprofen, things you need when you’re in a pickle”
  • storing headphones
  • keeping credit cards, lipstick, stamps, change, keys, and other things you don’t want to lose in your purse


  • Large coin purses: $35 + shipping (and tax where applicable)
  • Small coin purse: $30 + shipping (and tax where applicable)
  • Each coin purse is one-of-a-kind, made with high-quality materials, and washable.
  • Large coin purses measure 5″ long at the base, tapering to 4″ at the top. They are just over an inch wide and about 3.5″ tall. Credit cards fit comfortably in them.
  • Small coin purses measure 3.5″ long at the base, tapering to 3″ at the top. They are 1″ wide and shy of 3″ tall.
  • Black coin purses have a shiny metal clasp.
  • Blue coin purses have a brushed bronze clasp.

The last round of these beauties sold out in a day so head on over to the shop to place your order now before they are gone!

~ click on images for larger view ~

Large coin purses:

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="9287,9288,9286"]

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="9291,9292,9293"]

Small coin purses:

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="9295,9294"]

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="9296,9297"]