It's Here ~ My 2014 Calendar ~ Lessons from the Studio

"Lessons from the Studio" 2014 Calendar Ready for a new year?! Yeah, me neither. Hard to believe 2014 is right around the corner. The point is especially driven home when I have to keep track of my appointments for 2014 on a slip of paper ~ that was until my new calendar arrived!!

And I think this one might be my best yet.

January 2014

I have once again printed a 12-month calendar with my favorite marbled images created this past year. Each image is accompanied by words of wisdom and lessons learned from the studio. As many of you know, this year was an epic studio year for me. I spent a lot of time working on new series, completing ones that really felt right, experimenting with new materials, and deepening my own personal marbling style (ever evolving, of course). The results were AMAZING ~ so much fun time at the tank, stellar pieces that left even me surprised, successful shows, and a momentum that continues to build. It was such a profound time for me that after a day in the studio, I would take to my journal and reflect upon what I learned that day ~ both technically as well as soulfully. And that's where this calendar comes from ~ my hands and my heart.

September 2014

I have printed a very limited supply of these gems so if you want one, head on over to my store (if you want to pay by credit card through PayPal) or send an email (if you want to pay by check or cash) to Cheers "at" BarbSkoog "dot" com. Calendars will be mailed out around Thanksgiving time (or sooner if the shipment arrives earlier than that!).

Calendar Details:

  • The month-by-month planning calendar is a compact size (5″ x 11.5″) and is great for kitchens, work spaces, and even for toting around in your purse (which I do all the time).
  • It is spiral bound which makes it easy to lay flat on a desk or hang on a wall.
  • It is an exceptional value at just $16 including shipping or personal delivery by me!

December 2014

Below are images included in this year's calendar (the images will not have my website address plastered all over them). To see my "Lessons from the Studio," you'll just have to buy it!

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