And More from the New Series

A few weeks ago, I blogged about a new series I was working on. While I'd love to show you the final results of that amazing four-day studio session, I can't do that just yet. You see, they, as well as several other pieces, are under consideration by a publication that wants to use three of my marbled creations in their full-color, quarterly, art and lifestyle magazine! (More on that when I can talk about it in greater detail.) In the meantime...

What I can share with you are some pieces that EVOLVED from that original session that I am JUST as excited about. I worked on these yesterday ~ after an overwhelming itch to create didn't subside, I decided to clear my calendar and spend most of the day playing in the studio. I'm so glad I did!

Evolution of a series

I've employed several techniques here. The most obvious is the overmarble ~ an Italian vein ~ which gives them their final look.  The first marbled layer is the group of bull's eyes. In that original layer, I created white space around the bull's eyes using a dispersant. As you can see in the piece on the far right, I used dispersant again to squish the bull's eyes closer together (something I didn't do with the other two). Then I decided to do each Italian-vein overmarble in one of the colors from the bull's eyes ~ from left to right: red oxide, cobalt turquoise, and yellow oxide.

I have a couple more variations that incorporate the white-space, bull's-eye background that I will post tomorrow. Stay tuned!

And if you too are feeling the need to create ~ GO DO IT!! Don't ignore the call. Amazing things will happen ~ mainly, happiness will ensue!