Switching Things Up a Little

Note cards with Marbled Papers and matching envelopes I'm sure you're sick of the whole white space series by now so to give you a little break, I'm showcasing a few of the new cards I made this week. Plus, the new header this month comes from one of the cards!

All note cards are original, one-of-a-kind marbled papers encased in a bordered, white frame. Each one is numbered (1 of 1, of course!) and signed by me (either on the front or on the back). They measure 5"x7" and come with an envelope with a matching swatch on the front. I sell them for $6 each but my blog followers and eNewsletter subscribers can get them for $5 each including shipping!

Click on the collage below to see a slideshow of the cards. If you see one you'd like to purchase, note the name/title (i.e. CardFlame360) and then send me an email at Cheers "at" BarbSkoog "dot" com.

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="7929,7930,7931,7932,7933,7934,7935,7936,7937,7938,7927"]