Zebras, Gel-gets, and Stones!

When I first started playing with white space, one of the patterns I began to gravitate toward was Zebra where you throw Stones over a Gel-get. It's a very simple pattern but I adore the way the Stones interrupt the trajectory of the Gel-get and make the lines go around them ~ like a fast flowing river has to scurry around large boulders. This is what a Zebra pattern looks like close up:

Zebra Close Up

Isn't that awesome? I could stare at Zebra patterns all day long!

What I like about doing Zebras with the white space is that not only do the "tails" of the Gel-get break the design grid by venturing into the white-space zone, the Stones can do the same thing. (You can see I did something similar with the first marbled piece in this post.)

Zebra White Space

These pieces below are a little more subtle but still posses the Stone-out-of-the-box effect.

Zebra White Space

Zebra White Space

I often buy papers that are on sale ~ I like to have a wide variety of colors and in different paper types on hand for my classes. The chocolate papers above are a new color on a familiar paper: Canson Mi Tientes in Tobacco. I really like the way the paper color interacts with the paint colors. I may be hoarding this paper for myself since I didn't order a lot of it!