Well, Hello November

November's Header ~ full image This is the full image from which November's header was created. And it's an overmarble (see yesterday's post)!! I am so drawn to the color saturation in parts of this piece (hello Golden's red oxide on navy paper!). And I love how the chevron in the upper right corner looks as if it's swaying in a breeze. The ghostly stones underneath feel like they are housed deep within a healthy river where the water runs cold and clear and the plant life (shades of green and blue) is strong and vibrant.

This is exactly why I love overmarbles ~ the added texture and layers create scenes so alive and engaging you can't help but want to dive right into it! (Or at least reach out and touch it to see if it's real.)

This is also one of the pieces hanging in the SoPas Gallery right now as part of the South Pasadena Arts Council's inaugural members' exhibition.

SoPas Gallery

SoPas Gallery

Also in the exhibit are amazing pieces by nine other artists:

  • Melissa Alcazar,Visual Artist and Musician - Her two pieces in the exhibition couldn't be more different from one another. One is playful, bright, and glittery with soft edges and the other is serene and neutral with an Asian feel to it. I'm drawn to them both and her diverse work just underscores her talent.
  • Rebecca Tager, Ceramic Artist - Oh how I love ceramic fine art and Rebecca's pieces don't disappoint. Who knew circles and squares could be so much fun?!
  • Joan Lamensdorf, Original Paintings in Pastel, Oil, and Acrylic - I have no idea how Joan gets the colors that she does or how she gets them to sing from the canvas but she does. You may find one of her landscape pieces in my home soon.
  • Lisa Saint, Artist - Drawing with stain on wood. Yes. For real. You have to see it to believe it. Even then it seems unreal.
  • Lesley Paige Rutherford, Artist - Lesley's drawings are so intimate and personal ~ I love her Summer Harvest piece (beets!) and Emmett was drawn to her Shakespeare's Garden.
  • Dominique Heffley, Fine Artist - Dom's whimsy pieces draw me in and make my imagination run wild. She only has one piece in the show so I highly recommend checking out her website for more of her work. It will be worth your time.
  • Don Bloom, Artist - I love what Don does with water-cut metal, hand-carved plastic, and images to make the most fascinating clock art. His "Mean Green" piece is out of this world.
  • Kevin Mentzer, Fine Artist - Kevin's process is as interesting as his panel work. Inspired by meditations, you are on a journey with him as the colors he chooses and the shapes that evolve as interpretations of his experiences are sure to mesmerize.
  • Mira-Lani Bernard, Hypergraphia Pictures - Love, love, love. The compulsion to write (and do I mean compulsion) forms the foundation of Mira-Lani's work (other noted hypergraphia artists include Vincent van Gogh and Fyodor Dostoevsk). The words along words and over words and around words take on shapes and forms Mira-Lani never purposely sets out to do. Another piece you have to see to believe.

You can still check out the exhibit, which is free and open to the public and runs through November 30. It's a true delight to experience as you walk from one artistic style to another ~ and yet it's hung just right so the exhibit flows and doesn't feel disjointed. There is something there for everyone to enjoy. And who knows, you may even find a piece you want to take home (all artwork is for sale) and end up making an artist happy at the same time!

SPARC Members’ Exhibition October 23 - November 30 SoPas Gallery ~ 1121 Mission Street Open M-F, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.