Marbling Delight

Marbling Demo at Book 'em Mysteries Once again, I am truly humbled by the response I received during my marbling demonstration at the South Pasadena Arts Crawl on Saturday evening. Men, women, adults, teens, and children alike embraced the beauty of marbling and the unique process in which it happens. People asked GREAT questions, were engaged and enthusiastic, and their comments and reactions made me see marbling in new ways.

Marbling demo at Book'em Mysteries

Marbling Demo at Book'em Mysteries

I always finish a demo exhausted ~ but completely inspired at the same time. I have several new ideas born from conversations with people at the event that I can't wait to explore.

A BIG thank you to Barry and Mary at Book'em Mysteries Bookstore for hosting me...again! They let me come in, move their displays around, and take over my little corner of their store in front of the window. They are a true gem in this community ~ both as individuals (Mary has a wicked sense of humor) and as business owners (they've been an independent bookseller for 20+ years).

Marbling Demo at Book'em

I've said this before but it's worth repeating: how many communities can boast that they've got a bookstore on Main Street?! And how often can you walk into a bookstore and talk to the owner, request a recommendation for a book set in Australia, and have an immediate response ~ as Emmett did on Saturday? Yeah, not many of us can. I feel very fortunate on so many levels to have Book'em in my community...and if you live in South Pasadena, you should too. Visit them and show your support. They have an amazing line up of author readings, book club activities, and writing groups ~ not to mention an entire store full of mystery books!