Back in the Studio

Testing paperOh, happy days! Cool temps and high humidity are here! That can only mean on thing: MARBLING TIME! Yeppers, I hit the studio this weekend. My original intention was to clean up and re-arrange things to prepare for the upcoming fall session of marbling classes, but once I got in there and with the weather cooperating perfectly, I couldn't resist the call of tank!

I had some prepared paint leftover that somehow survived the recent heat wave so I used those colors up while testing out new paper I got last month. And I loved the paper! It worked out beautifully--meaning it took the paint nicely, the colors popped, the paper held it's shape well and was easy to lay down in the tank, and it's a high-quality paper that will be good to frame or to use in bookbinding or for other art projects. I'm really excited to start using it in classes.

I have enough bath for another dozen or so sheets and then once that's used up, I guess I'll have to go back and do what I intended to do before getting distracted: clean and prep the studio for a new season of marbling students...which is just as exciting to me as the perfect marbling day!