New Month, New Header, New Look!

Well, if you haven't noticed by now, there have been a few changes to my site...and I'm really excited about them. This is still a place where I will share my creative endeavors, travels, love of food, and life experiences (both big and small). But it is also now a space that gives me more opportunity to emphasize my marbling. Fleur de Lis

I've wanted to make this change to my website for a while now but didn't quite have a vision of where I wanted my marbling to take me and for me to take my marbling. After Matrilumia, things became more clear. Actually, it was after I found the courage to start talking to others about my long-term goals (my poor friend, Annika, has bore the brunt of my ramblings) did I feel more comfortable about the possibilities of making my BIG DREAMS come true. Matrilumia was the final testing ground for these big ideas (and testing ground for my own courage and belief in myself) and not only were my ideas and ME well received by these amazing group of women, I now have a LARGER support group than I ever could have imagine. Their wealth of knowledge, positive attitudes, grace, drive to believe in one another, openness, and bottomless cups of encouragement and unconditional love (no, for's totally unconditional!) is enough to propel me through multiple lifetimes. And then some.

This, of course, comes on top of the already beautiful and strong foundation of support from friends and family I have been blessed to have all my life, the rock of which has been my hubby. As much as I pride myself on claiming to be an independent, smart woman capable of doing whatever I put my mind to, the truth is I'd be a blobby, mushy pile of mess if it weren't for the friends who have stood by me all these years and my family who has put up with me even longer.

The new header, and the piece in which in came from, reminds me of this amazing group of people I have in my life. Bright, bold, bountiful, reaching for the sky, offering words of support, extending themselves so that I may be the fullest me. What a gift!

You are going to see lots of exciting new things, leaps of faith, crazy pursuits, and harebrained ideas unfold here on the blog and in other sections of the new site. Some of them may seem like a big deal. Some may not. But all of them will come from that place inside me that says, "Barb, just go for it. It will be fun."

I hope you continue to enjoy the ride.