You have to Admit...These are Adorable!

Marbled Boxes I was cleaning out my studio space a couple of weeks ago and came across a somewhat large inventory of very nice boxes I used to package my candles in. I got these boxes because I loved their sturdiness. They didn't collapse when you grabbed them by the sides and the bottom felt secure even with a heavy candle in it. And yet in spite of their functionality, I also liked how stylish they looked. They didn't just look like a box. They had a subtle pinstripe on the outside that added a nice texture and lent more of a refined, dare I say elegant, feel to them.

Marbled 4x4x4 Boxes

Marbled 6x4x4 Box

So I'm standing there, looking at all these boxes, and thinking to myself, "What a shame not to use them for something. These are nice boxes," when it dawned on me...HEY, LET'S TRY TO MARBLE THEM and see what happens.

Well, this is what happened: they marbled beautifully. It took me a couple of tries to figure out the best way to marble on them but once I did, I had a BLAST making them.

4x4x4 Box

Close up of Marbled Box

Close up of marbled box

The boxes, which are marbled on the outside only, come in two sizes: 4x4x4 (the kind of box you can put a mug or pillar candle in) and 6x4x4 (the kind of box you can put two mugs or candles in). They are perfect for gift giving (no wrapping paper necessary!) or for holding something special (I have one on my dresser in which I put the notes my hubby leaves me every morning).

6x4x4 Box

These, of course, will be available for purchase at the South Pasadena Arts Crawl on Saturday. AND I'll marble a few boxes during my marbling demonstration too so come check it out!

South Pasadena Arts Crawl Saturday, July 14 5 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Marbling Demonstration Book ‘em Mysteries Bookstore 1118 Mission Street, South Pasadena