Sharing Studio Space

On Wednesday, I got to share my studio space with a delightful person. Throwing Stones

Amanda saw me marble at the South Pasadena Arts Crawl last February. When her Brownies troupe asked its members to learn a new skill or hobby and then share it with the group, she asked her mom if she could learn how to marble.

Very. Cool.

There's something wonderful about seeing your art form through the eyes of a young girl. Even more wonderful is knowing that a new generation of marblers is on the horizon. There are no formal educational programs, schools, or even curriculum for marbling the way there are for other art forms like dance or writing or painting. That means the burden of ensuring the art form not only continues, but evolves, falls squarely on the shoulders of current marblers. And there are not a lot of us out there. Thankfully, many marblers are generous with their knowledge and are more than happy to share it. I've learned so much from both my marbling teachers in a formal educational setting as well as informal email exchanges with other marblers. Maybe that's another reason I like the art form so feels like a treasured heirloom is being passed from one person to the next.

Before Amanda arrived, I manage to get some marbling time in. Here's a pic of my favorite for the day--another overmarble from my Monday play day. I am really diggin' the rings and what you can do with them.

Ring of Flame